After strong buyer enquiry and demand at Richmond Field Days in 2009 and an overwhelming response to their display at their first North Queensland Field Days in Townsville last month, Ron & Diane Pullen of the Wyoming Romagnola Stud are heading to Richmond with a draft of quality herd bulls.

“We have had such a positive response to our bulls at the Richmond Field Days over the past few years, so we have put together another strong team of bulls for the Northern buyers, which will include several red Brahmagnola bulls which may be of interest to breeders of red bulls”, Ron said.

“Over the past 3-4 years we have found that cattlemen in the north have started to make a move back to the Romagnola from some of the more popular breeds. I think the commercial focus that many of the Romagnola breeders and the Society have, along with the clear advantages of growth, muscling, dark pigmentation and exceptional highbred vigour are compelling reasons for cattle breeders to look towards using the Romagnola. You can see that with positive traits like these why the Romagnola is already starting to be seen as a good choice as the single breed sire in cross breeding programs throughout North Queensland and Australia”.

“We seasonally mate our females and pull our bulls (both Romagnola and Brahman) out of the paddock around June, to give them a break so they are fresh and ready for work again once Spring hits”.

“Our bulls are selected based on strict selection criteria for growth, muscling, fertility and temperament” Ron said, “and have all been vaccinated and semen tested”.

“With a good start to the year, our bulls have only been pasture prepared and will be ready to get straight out and onto the job”,

Ron & Diane will be at their site throughout the Field Days to talk to any interested cattlemen about their Stud and the Romagnola breed.