Ron with the winning pair of carcases at Mackay Show 2011

This year at the Mackay Show we entered two pens of pasture fed heifers in the trade cattle & carcase competition.  All heifers were Romagnola/Brahman-cross, bred from our commercial Brahman cows sired by our stud Romagnola bulls.  We were delighted to win first place, taking out the MacGibbon Family Trophy in the Pen of 2 Pasture Fed Heifers Suitable for Local Trade.

The details of the winning pair of heifers were:

CriteriaHeifer 1Heifer 2
Carcase Weights252 kgs247 kgs
Fat Cover10 mls9 mls
Eye Muscle Area104 sq. cm100 sq. cm
Dentition2 Teeth2 Teeth