Wyoming Romagnola Cattle

For Sale

Wyoming Romagnolas specialises in the sale of large volumes of quality registered and unregistered Romagnola bulls and females for the commercial cattle producer and stud breeder.

All bulls are semen tested and vaccinated for 5 in 1 and Botulism.

With over 50 bulls available for sale each year we have a wide selection of styles and types for each individual buyer.

A selection of bulls currently available for sale are shown below.  These include Fullblood Romagnola bulls and Brahmagnola (1/4 Romagnola and 3/4 Brahman) bulls – some of which are polled:


Romagnola Bull 1 Brahmagnola Bull 1

If you are looking for more than just bulls, the following are always available for inspection and private sale:

  • Fullblood & Purebred Romagnola bulls and females (including both cows & calves and maiden heifers).
  • Brahmagnola (½ Romagnola & ½ Brahman and ¾ Romagnola & ¼ Brahman content) bulls and females.  Including a line of red Brahmagnolas for buyers specifically looking for red cattle.
  • Romagnola/Brahman crossbred steers and heifers (commercial).

We also have semen and embryos for sale that are able to be transported throughout Australia.  Due to our enquiries and contacts from South Africa, Wyoming Romagnolas now have a number of Romagnola embryos specifically collected to meet the current South African importation protocols for bovine genetic material.