We will be taking a small select stud team to the Roma and Mitchell Shows in 2011.

The team will be exhibited by Terry Connor of Timbrel Fitting Services and will include the impressive 9 month old Wyoming Fireman by one of our most popular in-use sires Wyoming Conman out of the multi award winning dam Wyoming Amity.  Fireman’s 26 month old maternal brother Wyoming Emmett by Scottish Dritto will lead the team as the senior bull with the classy 13 month old heifer Wyoming Felicity by the renowned import sire Bulgaro flying the flag in the female section.

The stud will also exhibit an impressive Romagnola/Brahman cross steer known as “Rooster Cogburn”.  His name comes from the fictional character of the 1969 novel and film True Grit.  A remake of the film in 2010 was released when this steer first caught our eye as a potential led steer.

Roma Show – Stud cattle judging will take place at 8.00am on Friday 6 May 2011 with the led steer judging taking place at 3.00pm on the same day.