Wyoming Romagnola Cattle


Wyoming Romagnolas currently have frozen embryos available for export to South Africa as well as throughout Australia from the below donor dams. We are excited to work with other international Romagnola breeders to increase our embryo exports and are able to source additional donor dams from our genetically diverse herd.  We ensure that the collection of embryos meet all the required importation protocols for bovine genetic material for export from Australia to their desired destination.

  • Italia Savannah

    Italia Savannah
    Savannah is one of our oldest cows at “Codrilla”. Savannah is 16 years old in the adjacent photo and as you can see there is still plenty of life about her. Savannah is by the renowned Italian sire Ande and has produced many award winning calves including the multi award winning cow Wyoming Ulia and bull Wyoming Dario, both have been retained in the Wyoming herd. Savannah is strong cow with great length and perfect udder. She constantly breeds quality calves and is now used solely as a donor dam.
  • Wyoming Tessa

    Wyoming Tessa
    “Tess” as we like to call her is by the leading Italian sire Ergum, out of our foundation dam Romulus Lucia. She is one of our best sire producing dams, with her progeny including Wyoming Conrad and Wyoming Doctor Nelson. Tess was the Brisbane Royal Show Grand Champion Female in 2002. Tess is consistent in producing masculine bulls and soft feminine heifers. Tess is 15 years of age in the adjoining photo.
  • Wyoming Ulia

    Wyoming Ulia
    Sired by Cloverdale Rajah, Ulia is a well known modern Australian Romagnola dam. She was the Grand Champion Female at the internationally recognised Beef Australia in 2003, and produces some of the best Romagnola females seen on the Australian show circuit today. Her progeny include the Brisbane Royal Grand Champion Female - Wyoming Yvette, and multi awarding winning females Wyoming Dahlia and Wyoming Fern. Her offspring are big deep females that are structurally correct with beautiful udder development. Ulia is 14 years of age in the adjacent photo.
  • Wyoming Willa-Mae

    Wyoming Willa-Mae
    Another well known Romagnola dam in modern Australia, Willa-Mae is by Italia Romano out of Romulus Lucia. She is the dam of the Sydney Royal and Brisbane Royal exhibition Grand Champion Bull - Wyoming Zac. All of Willa-Mae’s calves have been show winning cattle and retained within the Wyoming herd. She is a consistent breeding dam producing exceptional calves every time. You can see at 12 years of age in the adjacent photo, she is well preserved with plenty of longevity.