Codrilla Homestead Complex

Codrilla Homestead Complex

From January 2018 Wyoming Romagnolas will no longer be operated from “Codrilla” at Nebo.

In recent times Codrilla has been sold and we have acquired additional properties “Mira” at Rolleston and “Tedlands” at Koumala where the stud will now operate from.

Codrilla which was originally purchased by Ron Pullen and family in 1983 has been the home base of Wyoming Romagnolas since 2000 after we relocated from our property “Wyoming” at Nebo.

A majority of the Romagnola cattle will be located at Mira with a smaller number of half bred Brahmagnola cattle based at Tedlands.

Bulls and females will continue to be available for sale by contacting Ron on his mobile telephone number 0429 156 178.