At Wyoming Romagnolas we were excited when one of our pen of steers in Class 3 – Pen of 10 Steers, 520-600kgs, maximum 2 teeth , minimum 70 day grain fed, suitable for the heavy trade market won place at the Commercial Cattle Championships at Beef 2024. Our Romangus steers weighed in at the top of the class at 600kgs, having been grain fed for 128 days and were also HGP Free and EU accredited. They sold for a strong price on the day at 432c/kg. With over 1728 head of commercial cattle nominated across multiple classes and breeds, we felt this was a true testament to of what our Romagnola cross cattle can do. Our selected genetic across both the Romagnolas and Angus cattle has proven heavier weight for age and quality lines within our herd.