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Wyoming Romagnolas Selling Bulls Online

Livestock LogoWith technology playing a big part in our daily lives these days, we have decided that it was time to get on board and start selling a small selection of bulls through an online cattle auction partner.

So from time to time throughout the year we will be listing bulls at the newly released website www.livestock.com.au which will give people the opportunity to view and bid directly online for bulls that we have made available on there.

If buying cattle online is not your thing – don’t worry, we will continue to have a select number of bulls and females for sale on the show circuit throughout Queensland and a much larger selection for sale direct from the paddock at our properties Codrilla near Nebo and Mira near Rolleston.

Check out www.livestock.com.au to see what we currently have available for sale online!

2015 Calendar of Events

During 2015 we will have an impressive show team on the Queensland show circuit with Terry Connor of Timbrel Fitting Service.  We also hope to personally be able attend most of the shows listed below to be on hand to discuss our cattle and the Romagnola breed.


Baralaba 11 April 2015

The Caves  26 April 2015

Beef Australia, Rockhampton 4-9 May 2015

Royal Queensland Show (EKKA), Brisbane 7-16 August 2015


Visit Us at Beef Australia 2015 in Rockhampton

Wyoming Romagnolas have once again teamed up with well known cattle studs Timbrel Brahmans and Vaucraft Brafords as well as Beef Breeding Services to have a one stop cattle shop located at Trade Site C258 during the week long event in Rockhampton running from 4-9 May 2015.

Trade Site C258 themed “Aussie Legends” has been designed to give cattle producers the opportunity to inspect the show teams of 3 leading studs across 3 different breeds and also the ability to discuss potential semen and embryo collection by the team at Beef Breeding Services.

During the week, a lunch time forum will be held with guest speakers from both theUnited StatesandAustraliaproviding brief 10 minute talks relating to the cattle industry followed by light refreshments.

Outside of the trade site, Wyoming Romagnolas will also have up to 12 bulls available for inspection and sale.  These bulls will be located a short 15 minute drive away from the show grounds with Ron undertaking inspections with interested parties as required.

As Wyoming Romagnolas are a commercially focused, family operated business, we have also nominated cattle in the ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition and the Ruralco Commercial Cattle Championships with all cattle nominated in these events being Romagnola/Brahman cross.  Anyone wishing to inspect these cattle can do so at the judging of the commercial cattle competition which takes place on Sunday 3 May 2015 at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX), Gracemere, or at the sale the following day, Monday 4 May 2015.

We are excited about the future of the cattle industry and will be at Trade Site C258 throughout Beef Australia 2015 and sincerely hope to see you there.

To download the site map go to:  http://beefaustralia.com.au/plan/venue-map/

Paddock Sales a Big Advantage for Clients of Wyoming Romagnolas

A selection of 2014/15 sale bulls similar to those purchased by Ben Callcott

North Queensland beef producer and client of Wyoming Romagnolas, Ben Callcott, likes his bulls to be work ready when they arrive on Glenmore, 120km south of Einasleigh.  That’s why he insists on buying bulls straight out of the paddock.  “I don’t like overfed bulls and I find that people won’t bid on bulls in a sale unless they are fat,” he said.  “If you buy your bulls at paddock sales they are generally ready to go straight into the bush.  “You don’t have a month of having them in the yards and letting them down gently.  “You can just cross brand them, put them in the bush and when you go back two months later they’ll look nearly the same.”

Working in a family partnership, Mr Callcott usually runs about 5000 Brahman cross cows that he joins to Brahman and Romagnola bulls.  Mr Callcott began using Romagnola bulls from the Pullen family’s Wyoming Stud at Nebo six years ago and has been impressed with the ability of the bulls to survive harsh conditions.  “We’ve got about 14 Wyoming Romagnola bulls now and what originally attracted me to them was the fact that they throw a straight colour,” he said.  “The calves are generally a nice grey or ginger red and you don’t get too many brindles which at that stage was important in our marketing.  “The Romagnola bulls handle this country fairly well. They don’t tend to fall away and seem to survive just fine.”

Mr Callcott said his initial plan was to sell all the Romagnola cross heifers because he thought they wouldn’t be able to handle the conditions.  “That hasn’t turned out to be the case,” he said.  “They have survived fine and now we are building them into the herd as well.”

The Callcott family own a second property in the Pentland region, Lowhom, which they largely use to finish their steers.  Mr Callcott said many of their Brahman steers were sold into the live export market while some of their crossbred steers are either sold direct to works or into the domestic feedlot market.

The Callcott’s control mate, usually joining from November or December through to Easter.  “We thought the fact that we control mated would allow us to run softer bulls which encouraged us to get the Romagnolas but what we have found is that they do just fine with no special treatment,” Mr Callcott said.

“We are trying hard to improve the fertility of our herd and a big part of that is buying the right sort of bulls. Ron had all our bulls semen tested when we bought them and they came up fine.”


* Article courtesy of Queensland Country Life.  Adapted slightly for use by Wyoming Romagnolas.


Wyoming Firefly Claims the Champion Romagnola Exhibit at Brisbane Royal Show

Wyoming Firefly & calf Kokoda - Champion Romagnola Exhibit Brisbane Royal Show 2014. Photograph Courtesy of QCL

Wyoming Romagnolas had only a small team of two cows and calves at this years Brisbane Royal Show (the EKKA).  However we were happy to come away with both the Champion and Reserve Champion Romagnola Females and the Champion Romagnola Exhibit with our cow Wyoming Firefly beating the Champion Romagnola Bull for the top award.

The judge, Steve Farmer of Comanche Droughtmaster Stud had strong praise for both Wyoming Firefly and her stable mate Wyoming Fern commenting on their femininity, frame and mobility, as well as their quality calves at foot.  In determining the champion female, Mr Farmer believed that Wyoming Firefly showed slightly stronger muscle development and beef producing qualities to place her in the top position.

These were also the thoughts of Matt Black who at the conclusion of the judging purchased Firefly and her calf Kokoda to be used in their Sunny Dale Romagnola Stud in northern New South Wales.

We would like to wish Matt and his father Bob all the best in their new purchase and hope that the further nine shows they have earmarked for Firefly and Kokoda are as successful as the EKKA was for us.

Happy Easter

Ron, Di and James would like to wish all our clients and friends a very safe and happy Easter and holiday period.

For those of you travelling during this time, please take care on the roads.  We will be at “Codrilla” throughout this time and would like to extend an invitation to all our clients and friends passing by to stop in for a coffee and say hello.

With some decent rain recorded around the country over the past few weeks, we have started to receive some good enquiry from people looking for Romagnola and Brahmagnola bulls.  We currently have working age bulls in top condition available for immediate delivery.

For anyone looking to restock breeder numbers, we also have a good line of purebred and full blood Romagnola cows available for sale.

As always we are able to provide our clients with flexible payment terms to help get our bulls and cows delivered to your paddocks and working for you sooner.  For more information about our flexible payment terms, please contact us to discuss.

Where to See Us in 2014

After having a break from the show circuit in 2013 we have selected four local shows in Central Queensland as well as the Brisbane EKKA to exhibit our cattle in 2014.  Our cattle will be prepared and exhibited on our behalf by Terry Connor of Timbrel Fitting Services.

A list of the shows are listed below and we welcome everyone to inspect our cattle and to make further enquiries.


Rockhampton           6 to 8 June

Mt Larcom                21 to 22 June

Brisbane (EKKA)     7 to 10 August (Judging on Friday the 8th)

We look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Happy New Year – Welcome to 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and friends the very best for 2014.  We know many have been doing it tough with dry conditions and drought throughout 2013, and we hope 2014 brings some much needed rain and an increase in cattle prices.

For those who may be looking for working age bulls that have been lightly prepared and are ready to start servicing cows as soon as it rains, we have good selection of bulls available for immediate delivery.  We are also able to offer our clients  flexible payment terms to help you get our bulls into your paddocks and servicing your cows sooner.  For more information about our flexible payment terms, please contact us to discuss.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible throughout 2014.

Wyoming Shines on CQ Show Circuit in 2012

Wyoming Fern - Grand Champion Female Mackay Show 2012. Photo Courtesy of QCL.

During the 2012 show circuit we were able to have our cattle on display and in the judging rings at various local shows throughout Central Queensland with the help of Terry Connor of Timbrel Cattle-Fitting Services.

Wyoming Romagnolas were awarded a champion broad ribbon at every Central Queensland show they attended with many comments on their muscling, smoothness and mobility.  At each show the cattle were either judged in an All Breeds or in a European Breeds section.  With only 5 head, we were very please with the results below.


  • Reserve Junior Champion Bull – Wyoming Garrison
  • Reserve Senior Champion Bull – Wyoming Flynn


  • Junior Champion Bull – Wyoming Garrison
  • Reserve Junior Champion Female – Wyoming Fern
  • Breeders Group – 1st


  • Reserve Senior Bull – Wyoming Flynn
  • Reserve Junior Bull – Wyoming Garrison
  • Junior Champion Female & Grand Champion Bos Taurus Female – Wyoming Firefly
  • Reserve Junior Champion Female – Wyoming Fern


  • Junior Champion Bull – Wyoming Garrison
  • Junior Champion Female & Grand Champion Bos Taurus – Wyoming Fern
  • Breeders Group – 1st


  • Junior Champion Bull – Wyoming Garrison
  • Reserve Junior Champion Female – Wyoming Fern
  • Pioneer Valley (Finch Hatton)
  • Reserve Calf Champion Bull – Wyoming Garrison


  • Senior Champion Bull – Wyoming Flynn
  • Reserve Calf Champion Female – Wyoming Gypsy
  • Junior Champion Female & Grand Champion Female – Wyoming Fern
  • Breeders Group – 2nd


  • Reserve Senior Champion Bull – Wyoming Flynn
  • Breeders Group – 3rd

Beef Australia 2012 Success

Romagnola/Brahman Cross Steers at Beef Australia 2012

Beef Australia once again proved to be a successful event for Wyoming Romagnolas with success in the commercial and stud cattle competitions as well as the popularity of our Trade Site 151.

Our site which contained a pen of unled bulls and our show team was extremely popular with visitors to Beef Week.  We received plenty of enquiries during the week and also had many visits from clients and society members.  We were delighted to sell several of our display stud bulls as well as our Beef Australia Reserve Senior Champion Bull – Wyoming Fireman.

In the show ring we claimed many broad ribbons including:

  • Calf Champion Female – Wyoming Gypsy
  • Calf Champion Bull – Wyoming Garrison
  • Reserve Junior Champion Female – Wyoming Firefly
  • Reserve Senior Champion Female – Wyoming Felicity
  • Reserve Senior Champion Bull – Wyoming Fireman

Though the highlight of the week for us came when we won second place in class 6 (Pen of Three Export Chiller Bullocks Grain Fed 300kg-420kg) in the ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition with our Romagnola/Brahman cross steers – missing out on first place by only 0.08 of a point, with the three criteria for selection being made up of MSA Eating Quality, Market Specification and Saleable Meat Quality.  

With over 336 head nominated in the national competition and entries coming from as far as Tasmania and Western Australia, the competition is unbiased as the judge has no knowledge of the breed or ownership meaning that the points are awarded purely on the set criteria.  We felt this was the pinnacle of the event as this is what we as cattle producers are striving to achieve – a quality end product for the consumer. 

As breeders of Romagnola and Brahman cattle, we are convinced that Romagnola bulls over Brahman cows give you the biggest bang for your buck. We have bred red Brahman cattle since the early 1960’s and since introducing Romagnola bulls in to our red Brahman herd, we have found that;

  • Maiden Brahman heifers produce low birth weight calves
  • Weaning weights are heavier by approximately 20% (60kg to 80kg)
  • Steers reach their 360kg to 400kg live weight at least 6 months earlier than the pure Brahmans
  • Pasture fed Jap Ox – 300kg to 400kg dress weight from milk tooth to 4 tooth hit the grid faster and heavier than the pure Brahman
  • Grain fed see an additional 0.5kg live weight per day with 2% to 4% better dressing percentage
  • Romagnola/Brahman cull for age pasture fed cows provide a 50kg to 60kg heavier dress weight than the pure Brahman, with almost every cow killing over 300kg with less penalties.
  • Romagnola/Brahman feeder cattle are actively selected by astute feedlot operators and often give the feedlot operator their best margins for the year.

We have found that many of our bull buyers have also been seeing these great results in their crossbred cattle and we think this gives a good indication that the Romagnola will do what beef producers need in their cross breeding programs.

We are looking forward to Beef Australia which will come around again in 2015, but for now our show team will be on the Central Queensland show circuit and will be attending Richmond Field Days 15-16 June 2012 with a team of bulls that will be on display and available for sale.